Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award

In 2015 I was honored to receive recognition for my service as a Teaching Fellow at BU. Thanks to Meredith Canode for this lovely writeup.

“Kristina was nominated by Professors Sean Mullen, Fred Wasserman and Karen Warkentin, for her outstanding contributions to all areas of teaching in the Department of Biology over the last five years. All of her letter writers were full of praise and admiration. Professor Mullen writes “To say that Kristina did an outstanding job is, frankly, an understatement – she was an absolutely critical component of what made the course successful”. Professor Wasserman writes simply “She is as good a teacher as any of the Teaching Fellows I have had during my 38 years at Boston University”. Kristina’s dedication to and enthusiasm for teaching is clear, not only in the classroom but in all aspects of modern university teaching.

Outside of the classroom, Kristina has been instrumental in the inclusion of a Research Experience for Teachers (RET) component in one of Professor Warkentin¹s funded NSF projects, and leveraging the RET for greater impact via collaborative development of resources for high school science teaching. She has also been superb in the mentoring of many undergraduates in Prof. Warkentin’s lab at BU and in the field in Panama, helping them with UROP applications, research, conference presentations and their personal growth and development. Professor Warkentin writes “Her (Kristina’s) skill, effort, dedication, and performance as a teacher, and her vision for improving pedagogy more broadly have been clear throughout her time at BU”.


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